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I Hate My Wife… How to Understand What Causes This Feeling?

”I hate my wife…” There is only one step from love to hate. Before the wedding, it seemed that the beloved girl is your dream. But over time, you can catch yourself thinking that you no longer want to go home to meet her there. “I don’t want to see this woman and have anything in common with her.” This is not even indifference, but a feeling of deep hostility.

Why do i hate my wife so much? What do i do if i hate my wife? We will answer all your questions later in the article in more detail.

9 Reasons Which Make You Hate Your Wife

”Why do I hate my wife?” If you start to ask this question often, then perhaps you have some reasons for this. It would be great to know where the hatred for your wife comes from. Eventually, you will be able to decide what to do next. 

1. She is cheating on you

I hate my wife Reddit: she cheated on you and it is one of the red flags in the relationships. Despite statistics that men are cheating more, women also can cheat on their husbands. If your wife cheated on you, then there is a good reason to despise her. Trust is the cornerstone of not only marriage but also love. If you can’t trust someone, it’s hard to let them into your life.

“I hate my wife for cheating”…If forgiving your wife is not something you can give her and you hate her for what she did, you have the right to leave her. It’s okay to feel hatred for her and that you can’t be with her anymore if she betrayed your trust.

2. Relationships do not live up to your expectations

“Sometimes I hate my wife…” We all expect something good from a partner when we start into a serious relationship or marriage with them, but sometimes they do not justify themselves. It often happens that a man is not satisfied with his family life, and he begins to hate her. “I hate my wife and want to leave her…why?” If you have not felt anything like love and happiness in your romance for a long time but only total dissatisfaction, then this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship and maybe you are playing mind games in your marriage. In this case, it is worth determining what you want to get from a relationship with this person.

Do I hate my wife quiz: to clearly understand whether the relationship lives up to your expectations, take a sheet of paper and write down your criteria on it: love, material wealth, a sense of family warmth, care, and so on. This step will allow you to understand whether it is worth to continue living with a person. If not a single item from your list has justified itself, there is no point in delaying the marriage. Expectations are unlikely to come true, and you won`t be able to return the time spent on a person.

i hate my wife

3. Lack of sex life

Reddit I hate my wife: if sex in your couple has become a rare occurrence, then this is one of the main factors that the gap between you is growing and you may have negative feelings for your wife. It is known that sexual satisfaction is one of the main criteria for a happy relationship.

Try to revive your sex life, try something new, and exciting for your spouse. However, if all attempts have failed and sexual desire has not arisen, then this is probably the beginning of the end of your marriage.

4. You hurt yourself because of her

In any relationship, there is a line when concessions and other things that you are doing without your wish no longer go to the benefit of your union. Here we are talking, first of all, about those situations when you have to infringe on yourself as a personality and do what is disgusting to you, unusual, and, from your point of view, immoral. This may be one of the reasons why you hate your wife.

5. She is not stable in a relationship

“I hate my wife sometimes…“ One of the reasons: one time she is gentle and kind to you and very attentive, and another time she could show aggression and ignore you. Today you are planning a joint vacation, and then she says that she is going on a shopping vacation with friends. In a toxic relationship, you constantly need to adapt, agree, and bend to your partner. You do not have a sense of stability, and confidence in the future of this marriage. If it’s embarrassing and unpleasant for you to think about a joint future, and sometimes even scary, then this is another reason for your hatred of your partner.

she is not stable in a relationship

6. No feeling of happiness in your marriage

“I hate my wife and kids…” One of the reasons could be the growing dissatisfaction with yourself: if your wife constantly underestimates you, sooner or later you start to believe in it and think that she is right. If instead of happiness in your life there is only dissatisfaction with yourself, scenes of jealousy, quarrels, and misunderstandings, as a consequence you may think that you hate your wife.

7. She doesn’t want to take responsibility

“I hate my wife and i hate being married”. If your wife makes you feel that any problems in your relationship are always your fault, not hers, and she has nothing to do with it, then there is nothing you can do about it. Finding a compromise involves two people working on a problem together. If she thinks that the problem only lands on you, then it’s time to let go and let her know how things are without you. Maybe good, maybe bad, but you finally found your happiness.

8. The wife seeks to isolate you

Your spouse always wants to be the only one in your life. She doesn’t like your friends, your colleagues, your boss or even your mom. She may make a scene of jealousy and scandal when you are trying to communicate with someone else. If your partner is trying to make you believe that you should have nobody but her, then it’s not surprising that you hate her.

9. She causes you more pain than joy

Love is not only beautiful words but also actions. You truly love only when the other person’s happiness becomes more important than your own. It’s normal to have quiet and sad days in a relationship. Relationships are often complex and fraught with problems. But they must be healthy. When you notice that there are more negative emotions in your relationship than positive emotions, then it’s time to take a break and think about whether this person is yours. “I hate my wife what do I do?” If your partner’s behavior is the cause of constant suffering and disappointment, this is a sign that it is worth breaking off such a toxic relationship and it’s time to leave the girl.

i hate my wife i hate my life

What to Do If You Feel Hate To Your Wife?

“What should I do if I hate my wife?” Is there any way to improve the relationship? In fact, if a person is ready to make an effort, then everything is fixable. It is better to start with small steps. There is no magic word or deed that would immediately put everything in its place. To improve relations, you need to try hard, and overcome failures.

  • “I hate my wife and want a divorce…” What should I do to save the relationship? The first step that will help change your attitude towards her: focus on the positive qualities of your wife. You have to put up with your wife’s shortcomings.
  • “I hate my wife but I love my kid…” It is important to learn how to talk to each other. You should sincerely be interested in the feelings and thoughts of the spouse, and listen carefully, even when she speaks for a long time and her words are unpleasant.
  • Learn to talk about your feelings in the right way. It is important to mention what hurts, avoiding accusations.
  • When disagreements arise, you need to try to put aside emotions, and see what feelings are behind your wife’s words.
  • Do something together. This applies to different areas of life: housework, the search for common interests, and recreation. During joint activities, you can learn to communicate freely and avoid sharp corners.

Final Word

As you can see, men may hate their wives for various reasons. “I hate my wife what should i do?” It all depends on you and your feelings, if you think that you can no longer be with this person together, consider breaking up the relationship. If you want to improve relations, try to find a common language with your wife, spend more time together, and go on dates, as it was before. When the thought “I hate my wife” will appear in your head, remember why you fell in love with her at the very beginning of your relationship. 

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