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Swedish Women: A Complete Guide on Popular Beauties

Tired of being lonely? Don’t worry you are not only you are single . According to the statistics, 30 % of men are in the search of true women love. Have you ever tried the online dating Scandinavian brides? Well, such women are very warm, educated, active, and determined. Also, Scandinavian mail order brides are beautiful, polite, and sociable, which is very inspiring. Swedish bride, in general, is ideal, but even here there are little things that every foreigner and single man who wants to get to date Scandinavian girl should know.

The team of finddate.org have prepared for you a complete guide about dating Scandinavian brides online and not only on the dating platform, but in real life. Is it worth it to start a relationship with a Scandinavian bride and confirm a date with them? And what waits you in marriage with Swedish mail order brides?

Swedish Brides: What Are They?

Swedish women

Before you start dating a Scandinavian bride, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basic criteria about Scandinavian girl.

1. Appearance

Typical features of Scandinavian women:

  • Scandinavian bride has European type of appearance, light skin
  • Average height of Swedish mail order bride at age 20: 166 cm (for world comparison: 159 cm)
  • Body mass index: 25.46 (worldwide: 24.75)

That is, the Scandinavian mail order brides are slightly taller and slightly heavier than the average girls on the planet.

  • Scandinavian bride has a blond or light blond color of hair;
  • A scandinavian girl has usually blue, gray, and rarely green eyes;
  • Also Scandinavian bride has correct facial features, only slightly larger than average eyes, straight nose;

Usually, there are two opinions about Scandinavian brides and they are opposite. The first is that Swedish women are “extraordinarily beautiful”, slender blondes like in movies. The second – is “there are no beautiful Scandinavian women for marriage in Sweden.” But, in Sweden, as in any country, every man will find a Scandinavian bride according to his taste.

2. Character of Scandinavian mail order brides

scandinavian mail order brides

Judging by the reviews of representatives of other countries, Scandinavian women for marriage have such features of character:

Positive traits of character of the Scandinavian lady: balanced, likes order, hardworking, punctual, good at listening, affectionate, supportive, loyal.

Neutral traits of character of the Swedish ladies: headstrong, calm, rational, value comfort, love to be in nature, very practical.

Negative traits of Norwegian women: withdrawn, “hard to know what they don’t like”, arrogant, slow, jealous, tend to avoid conflict, even to the detriment of their interests.

Simple Rules For Dating Swedish Women On the Dating Sites or Real Life

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Do you want to date foreign women? If you dream of an unrealistically beautiful, self-confident girl who knows her worth, this is definitely about Scandinavian brides. Dating Scandinavian mail order brides is interesting for every man. But first, you need to know how to make the acquaintance with Swedish women.

1. Use the Internet

The easiest way to meet girls from Scandinavian countries is through dating sites where Sweden women are ready to date foreign men. So, this rule applies even more strongly to the homeland of the Vikings. As the Swedes themselves say: “Swedish culture is not very social, we don’t talk to each other a lot.” For example, compared to New York, where people easily communicate with strangers, in Sweden, it is almost impossible to make a casual acquaintance “just like that.”

Therefore, mail order bride sites are the most win option for finding Scandinavian women for marriage. Moreover, they allow you to pick up a Swede even before arriving in the country. There are many popular online dating services or other niche sites where you can meet Swedish women.

2. Be interesting, confident, and careful with Sweden mail order brides

Scandinavian women are advanced, smart, and amazing, but because of the concentration on their careers, they practically do not know how to have fun. Therefore, guys, as a rule, are looking for a Scandinavian wife with whom they will be comfortable from the first minutes of the meeting, then they will be able to relax and discard all the fears associated with a date.

To do this, you need to be interesting, and moderately cheerful with your potential Scandinavian wife . A man should be able to create some emotional, flirtatious, and sexual tension. It makes Scandinavian women interested in men and may cause chemistry between the partners.

True, about sexual tension, we do not recommend creating it right at the beginning of a date or acquaintance with the most Scandinavian brides. It is better to first provide the Swedish bride with comfort and psychological relaxation, then cheer her up, and then look at the situation.

3. Be sure to call or text after the date

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This is another tip for dating Scandinavian brides. Regardless of how the first date ends (when you are looking for the Scandinavian wife) and whether you expect to continue, contact the girl after the meeting. Don’t just sit back and wait for her to act.

Scandinavian women always are ready to please a man. For you, this seems to be good, but the “ignore” after a date the girl from Scandinavian countries may perceive as a disappointment on your part and will treat you coldly in response.

Always discuss everything with Scandinavian brides. Even if you don’t want to see Swedish bride again, send a concise but clear message. It is not for nothing that the Vikings in ancient times solved all issues not with axes, as is sometimes shown in films, but with long conversations.

6 Traditions You Should Know Before Wedding With Scandinavian women

Sweden is the “pearl” of Scandinavia, but the wedding traditions of the Swedish people do not differ much from the European rites of other countries and cultures, but these residents have their unique features, which we would like to talk about. Most likely, if you manage to marry Scandinavian girls, you will have to find out sooner or later.

1. Housing issue in Scandinavian countries

Swedish wives

In Sweden, a guy and a girl can’t just apply and then go and sign. According to Scandinavian traditions, a young family, after marriage, must immediately move into their own home – whether it is an apartment or a house, it does not matter at all, the main thing is that the housing is personal. People from Nordic countries do not welcome the living of a young family with their parents, so if the bride or groom does not have their own home, then there will be no wedding or marriage online.

2. Open relationship

Civil relations with hot Sweden women in this country are quite acceptable. Staying overnight with your future chosen one is completely normal, but hasty marriage is considered even indecent. No matter how strange it may sound, in Sweden, almost everyone welcomes open relationships – for starters, it is recommended to get to know each other as close as possible, and then get married. Swedish girls very often get married already having a child in their arms – this is considered the norm and proves to others that the chosen one will not have problems with childbirth after marriage.

3. A tradition of the three rings for Scandinavian mail order bride

Another Scandinavian feature is the giving of three rings by the groom to the bride. The groom gives the first ring to his beloved on the day of the engagement, the second – on the day of registration of the marriage or for the wedding, and the third – for the birth of the first child. In most cases, beautiful Scandinavian women receive the third ring – the first and, therefore, during the wedding they already wear not two rings, but three at once.

4. Head of family

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Often, before the wedding ceremony, it is customary for the Swedes to hold the wedding ceremony in the church, and according to the old tradition, whoever of the newlyweds is the first to cross the threshold of God’s temple will be the head of the family. Today, the customs have changed a little – the groom is waiting for the Scandinavian mail order bride near the altar. Thus, the bride voluntarily gives the reins of government into the hands of the future spouse, so to speak, amuses his male pride.

5. Dress code in Swedish

A wedding in Sweden follows standard traditions when Scandinavian singles are ready for the next step. The dress and veil of the bride should be white – symbolizing the purity and innocence of the girl. As such, magnificent celebrations are not arranged – they manage with modest parties in the circle of close and dear people. But, despite this, guests must comply with the dress code – women and girls are not allowed to appear at the wedding in black dresses. Such an outfit of any young girl on wedding symbolizes an unhappy marriage, a sudden separation, or the quick death of one of the newlyweds.

6. One of the key moments of the wedding with best Scandinavian brides

Modern Swedes prefer a solemn wedding in a church: sometimes young people have to wait for their turn – in the most popular churches, they schedule ceremonies a long time in advance. In addition, the Swedes love to formalize marital relations in picturesque places near the water or in a flowering meadow.

Family with a Scandinavian Brides. How Is It Going?

Best scandinavian brides

There are only a few real “Swedish families” in our understanding, where several partners live together amicably in Sweden. The formula for the average marriage with Scandinavian girls
is mutual respect plus the independence of the spouses.

The Scandinavian mail order wives are in first place in the world in terms of the latest marriages: the average age of the groom in this country is 33 years, and the bride is about 30 years old. Many couples do not register relationships at all, they just live together – such men with Scandinavian mail order wives are called “samba”, and those who prefer to live separately are called “serbu”. Even in a registered marriage, spouses have separate accounts and each pays for own part in a restaurant. As a rule, both spouses work, otherwise, non-working Scandinavian women or men receive wages from the workers for housekeeping, and either parent can go on maternity leave. In addition, the country has a reliable system of social protection for children and mothers who raise a child on their own.

4 Myths about Swedish Women that You Need to Know in Advance

Do Scandinavian brides change men every two months and are fans of sports without thinking about anything else? Let’s look at the most popular myths about Swedish women.

1. Scandinavian mail order bride is too frivolous

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Many foreigners believe that Scandinavian women are incredibly accessible and have no idea about any moral framework. This opinion about Swedish women are fundamentally wrong.

The reason for the birth of such a strange legend was most likely the ease with which not only Swedish brides but also Swedes make new acquaintances. To make acquaintance with the Swedes, it is enough just to say hello and introduce yourself.

In the future, they easily agree to an invitation to spend the evening in the company of new friends. There is nothing shameful about this. Although Swedish girls are always happy to meet new people, they even have their own rules of conduct.

Winning the heart of a free Scandinavian woman is a little easier here than in other countries. The fact is that local ladies prefer to take the initiative into their own hands. They choose the men they like, and it is very difficult to convince them of their own decision.

2. They dream to marry foreign men

Many believe that local women are registered on the dating site and dream of how a handsome western men take them away from their homes somewhere in Germany, Southern countries, Latin America, Great Britain, Eastern Europe or France. Many consider it true that Scandinavian mail order bride are completely dissatisfied with the weakness of their men and dream of marrying Western guys or other foreigners, and then immigrating to their homeland.

This myth about Scandinavian woman is easily refuted by statistical data and sociological surveys. Only a tiny percentage of young Swedish women do not see their future in their country and finding foreigners on the dating websites. But most will refuse to change their native lands even for a palace. We must not forget about the peculiarities of the relationship between the sexes that exist within the country. They do not allow the Swedish wives easily switch to the mentality of foreigners and get used to an unusual value system, this can create a barrier in relationships.

3. They make the husband do the cleaning

myths about Swedish ladies

This myth applies not only to Swedes but in general to all residents of the Scandinavian countries and the states of Northern Europe. The legend of how progressive feminists with sinister laughter make men do household chores scares the stronger sex.

How is the household in Sweden? Scandinavian women for marriage will never force their husbands to take care of all the household chores because in families with Swedish wife there is no clear division of responsibilities between men and women. Swedes consider all household chores common, so each of the spouses takes on any work when they have time for it.

4. Scandinavian mail order bride are sports fans

Many mistakenly believe that every Norwegian woman is obsessed with sports and turns their whole life into continuous training. Let’s start with the fact that sports for Scandinavian ladies are relaxation for the soul and healing of the body. Swedish women are primarily concerned about their own health, natural beauty and healthy food. Sport makes swedish women feel better.

Scandinavian wives are not obsessed with sports, but it has long been an integral part of the life of the average Swedish woman. The same situation with Scandinavian mail order wife can be observed in Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands.

Summing up

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Scandinavian wives online and in real life attract not only Swedish men. Foreigners from all over the world also want to have international dating with them. This is explained by the amazing nordic beauty and character of each Scandinavian bride. If you are still thinking about whether to start dating and serious relationships with the beautiful scandinavian brides on the online dating sites, we hope after reading this article your doubts will be dispelled. All in all, having a family with a Scandinavian mail order wife is like being happy all your life!

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