One Sided Open Relationship

One Sided Open Relationship: A Complete Guide For You to Know All About It

One sided open relationship: freedom or trust? As paradoxical as it sounds, even married couples often come to this decision to save their marriage. Research tells us that about 4 to 5 percent of heterosexual couples have agreed to have an open relationship. Such a relationship implies, first of all, the possibility of one of the partners having several different partners, so-called a kind of “legalized” treason. Sometimes it takes the form of a triangle when only one of the partners allows themselves to have a relationship outside of marriage.

Are one sided open relationship ok? Such a relationship requires not only a high degree of trust but also a certain psychological maturity and independence of partners. Often this becomes the only way out for families where “the fire of love has died down”, but people do not want to disperse due to common interests, business partnerships, having children, or financial obligations.

By the way, one sided open relationship Reddit doesn’t necessarily mean physical infidelity. Sometimes just meeting and dating is enough to breathe new feelings into a relationship. The essence of this form of relationship is not to cheat on a partner, but to push the boundaries of what is permitted: to break stereotypes and prove that you are free in your choice and decision-making. How to have a one sided open relationship and be happy? Read further in the article.

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Benefits Of the One Sided Open Relationship

The growing interest in Reddit one sided open relationships is due to several advantages that modern people find in them:

  • The absence of obligations eliminates the need to sort things out and express the mutual claims of both partners.
  • Personal freedom is a priority for partners, so none of them tries to impose their will, desires, problems, and pastime.
  • Freedom extends to sexual life, which, by the agreements, does not become a cause of jealousy or censure. Cheating becomes irrelevant, because due to the lack of prohibitions, the sharpness of sensations decreases, and they lose their meaning.
  • Partners do not feel dependent on each other. Relations between them are valuable, but their loss will not cause suffering.
  • For workaholics, an open relationship is the best option, since work for them is the meaning of life. Attention and care for them do not play any role.

In traditional marriages, the sharpness of feelings is reduced, and they become routine. Free love gives the joy of infrequent meetings, which become a real holiday with bright impressions.

What Are The Negative Impacts Of Such Relationships?

”My girlfriend wants a one sided open relationship…” Only those partners who both strive for them can understand the pleasure of free sensations. A couple who is or plans to start a newly open relationship should take into account the following disadvantages:

  • You can not dream of happiness if one of partners agrees to free love just so as not to lose a loved one. In this case, life will be filled with uncertain prospects, jealousy, and insecurity, and, as a rule, the expectation that the relationship will change qualitatively and there will be an opportunity to back a happy family.
  • If the consequences of free love are children who are brought up in such an environment, then there is a very high probability that they will follow their parents. They will be unable to right appreciate the traditional family and will tend towards open relationships also.
  • Although moral standards are being transformed into modern norms, sexual freedom and polygamy are perceived negatively by society. Relatives may not understand such a couple, and consider their relationship immoral, and their behavior dissolute.
  • The next negative impact is barriers to careers. Free love can become an obstacle to career advancement. There is not a word about this in the employment contract, but when an employee is appointed to a position, preference will be given taking into account the applicant’s marital status.
  • When building a one sided open relationship with a boyfriend, the greatest risk is that the couple may have frequent quarrels against the backdrop of strong jealousy on the part of one of the partners.

The Psychology of Open Relationships

What do you call a one sided open relationship? This is a relationship where one partner wishes to have dating with a few partners. It is worth remembering that open relationships between intellectually developed people are not always a sign of sexual promiscuity. Often in couples who are in a long marriage, this is a way to preserve the family. Is it ok to have a one sided open relationship? It is important to understand the whole essence of open relationships and be prepared that such relationships have their characteristics:

  • Relationships are built on mutual agreement, they have no lies because the partners have nothing to hide.
  • If a man and a woman do not promise to remain eternally faithful to each other, then treason is considered the norm.
  • Light intrigues and flirting enhance sexual attraction and do not break the close emotional connection of partners.
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Rules For Having Happy One Sided Open Relationship

There are no specific rules in an open relationship since both partners agree that one of them leads a free lifestyle in terms of relationships with other partners. But still, there are some one sided open relationship rules to keep in mind if you want to save your relationship and be happy in it:

1. Do not control or be jealous of your partner

Control will be regarded as an attempt to capture the personal “territory” of your partner. If you have already agreed to such a relationship, do not show any jealousy, claims, or dissatisfaction with your partner. If something does not suit you, talk about all this with a partner.

How to deal with a one sided open relationship? In an open relationship, jealousy is excluded, since you initially agree that your partner will have the right to third-party communications and interactions with other partners.

2. Don’t forget about love

Sex without commitment should not become an obstacle to the desire to build a family. Separate real feelings and sexual attraction. Don’t forget that you are partners who want to build the future together.

3. Protect yourself

Carefree sex can cause hundreds of worries. Always remember this and let your partner know it also. Never and in no case give up contraceptives, because you cannot be sure that you are the only sexual entertainment of your partners.

4. Agree on the rules of your “game”

Can a one sided open relationship work? To avoid problems and misunderstandings in the future, discuss the rules of your open relationship with your partner in advance. For example:

  • Have safe sex with other partners;
  • Do not tell each other details about your partners on the side;
  • Do not sleep with other partners in your bed;
  • Spend one day a week together;
  • Do not go with other partners to your agreed places;
  • Do not call each other at a certain time;
  • Avoid making lovers permanently.

5. Be honest with each other

Can a person have a one sided open relationship? Yes, it is possible if both partners agree to it. As we have already said, you and your partner should discuss in advance the rules that are acceptable to both of you. In a relationship, honesty plays a big role: it is important to speak frankly with each other about other partners, as well as your desires and preferences in bed. Talk about everything, even about the most unpleasant things, do not keep in yourself what annoys you, otherwise, it will result not only in a conflict between you and your partner but also in a conflict with yourself. Remember that an open relationship should be a mutual desire when both people accept these conditions 100%.

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4 Principles Of One Sided Open Relationship

There are some aspects of an open relationship that you need to be aware of:

1. Your partner will spend less time with you

If your boyfriend wants one sided open relationship, then he will spend less time with you. Consciously or unconsciously, but in practice, it is very noticeable. The partner is not interested in your plans, neither for the future nor for tomorrow. Their deeds and desires are always a priority. You can only fit it into their schedule. 

2. They don’t make long-term plans with you

There are many one sided open relationship stories in which one of the partners complains that the other, who has other partners, does not want to make plans for a life together with them… Weekends, tomorrow evening, you plan quickly and simply. But they do not let you into their future, for example, it can be a vacation, moving to another apartment, or developing a career that will affect their lives.

3. You can’t spend as much time with them as you want

They are always in a hurry somewhere and pretend to be busy with great things, just as ready to accept your employment. It doesn’t offend them at all. In an open relationship, everyone is on their own.

4. They do not strive to constantly be in touch with you

”Husband wants a one sided open relationship but I’m afraid he will pay less attention to me”. This is true: a partner may not respond to a message, not write in the morning or evening, not warn that he is leaving, or will be busy all weekend. A spontaneous offer to spend time together will be answered with a polite refusal, hiding behind the fact that they already have plans. They do not want to report and take into account your interests in a relationship.

Who Prefers an Open Relationship?

Most often, men prefer open relationships. ”Girlfriend wants one sided open relationship”, – this phrase is almost impossible to hear from men, and if possible, very rarely. This is so because an open relationship is preferable for men who do not want to bind themselves with obligations and responsibilities, and at the same time want to be able to have relationships with several women. Women tend to have a stable relationship with one partner to create a family and raise children. 

”How to request one sided open relationship if I am jealous?” For jealous people, an open relationship is unacceptable, since they will not be able to agree to share a partner with anyone else. This leads to accusations, claims, and scandals, which are not in line with the spirit of free love. An open relationship cannot last for a long time.

Final Word

There are no mandatory rules in open relationships, most importantly, always do as your heart tells you. Never go along with a partner if you are uncomfortable with the proposed relationship format. Freedom means first of all your voluntary desire to explore this or that form of interaction. No need to step over yourself for the sake of another and allow one sided open relationship standards to be imposed on yourself.

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