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Place to Chat: True Opinion From Users

More and more people are thinking about registering on a dating site and trying their luck. But when we are faced with a choice of millions of such sites, this can be a problem. We are here now to present to your attention a site for people in search of happiness – place to chat. Read on for an honest place to chat review from site users, all about its strengths and weaknesses, features and capabilities.

Is place to chat legit? Yes, of course, you don’t have to worry about that. Place to chat is an online dating platform for single men and women who are looking for love, or maybe just communication or friends. The site has extensive experience in its operation (11 years), a huge number of place to chat reviews and has already connected the fate of many people. Therefore, we decided to trust this platform. Read what we found out below.

👍🏻 Good For:👎🏻 Not For:
❤️ Lonely people looking for love💔 Those who are looking for 🔞 content
❤️ Those who are looking for friends💔 Those who want to make a scam
❤️ People after divorce💔 Those who are looking for a fleeting quick chat
❤️ Single people in their 30s/40s

What We Like and What Don’t Like on Place to Chat

After quite a long time using the site, we were able to highlight the following facts about Place to chat.

place to chat infographic

Registration and Profile on Place to chat

When you enter the site, on its main page you are immediately offered to become a member. The first step is to fill in a box with two fields: specify an email address and a name (place to chat login). You also need to choose your become and indicate the date of birth. Then you go to the stage where you can see the profiles of other participants and you will also need to go through a “quiz” to fill out your personal questionnaire, which consists of 35 required fields. Thus, you become a full-fledged member of the site and already have an account.

How to delete Placetochat account if you don’t need it anymore?

If you no longer want to use the site, you can simply cancel your paid membership but keep your profile. It is also possible to delete an account permanently. The site offers two options to remove your page.

  • The first option: you can hide your account, in this way it will no longer be visible to other members. If you wish to renew your account and use it again, you can do so at any time.
  • The second option: you can delete your account on the site at all. But remember, if you suddenly want to use the dating platform in the future, you will need to create a new account.
is place to chat legit

Members Structure

There are two types of users on the platform: Consumer and Maker. Content consumers are single men and women of different age categories, starting from 18 years old. They must be confirmed by the creators. The procedure is as simple as it gets. All users of the site need to verify their identity using their Google credentials. Using the platform as a content consumer aims to consume content. So they pay for some features. (About the payment system later in the article).

The second type of site users are content creators. They also undergo identity verification and are intended for content creation. The creators use the online platform for free, and are most likely employees of the site.

Design and Usability

As for the usability of place to chat .com, even the most inexperienced user of online dating platforms will be able to figure out its functionality. Using the site is quite easy and convenient. Everything is quick and easy to find (menu, functions, FAQ). This website has a fully featured web design. The platform has a nice design and colors, high-quality graphics, and a high-level font size. The site can be used on any computer, laptop or smartphone. The mobile app is not yet available.

place to chat screenshot

Provided Services on Place to chat

There are many services on, all of them are mostly paid. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do on an online communication platform.

Chat with users

This is the most important thing you can do on the site to develop communication with people, look for a soul mate, build relationships and make new friends. Chats are suitable for short messages, more for everyday conversations. To start a chat with a user, you need to go to their account, click the “Chat Now” button and you will be redirected to a dialog box.

You can also go to the page of the user you are interested in, if you want to start a chat, a chat box will be available to the right of their profile photo. In the chat, you can also send stickers, and photos, open videos, and send virtual gifts. It is worth noting that the chat option is only available for online users.


You can also communicate with users you are interested in via mail on place to chat. This is more suitable for long messages, for example, if you want to tell about yourself or some long story. You are allowed to attach up to 10 photos to each email and it’s free. You can also watch the video in the chat. To send an email, you can open the user’s profile and switch the Chat window to Mail by clicking the Change to Mail button. If the user is not online, you will only be able to send an email.

place to chat mailbox screenshot

Virtual gifts on Place to chat

Place to chat has the ability to send virtual gifts. It happens that when communicating with a user, you learn about their holiday and understand that you will not have time to send them a real gift, in which case a useful function of a virtual gift.

To send a gift to the user you are interested in, go to their account, scroll down the page, and there you will see how you can send a gift. Next, select a gift from the catalog and give it to the user.


You can watch streams from Trusted Users of the site. By entering the chat, you can chat in a group chat and find new friends.

place to chat streams screenshot

Pricing system on Dating Site

Is place to chat free? Basically, all the features of the site are paid, here is what you can do for free:

  • You can register for free
  • You can view profiles for free
  • You can watch streams for free

An interesting feature of the site is that after registration you are given 20 free “Welcome Credits” (only 1 time). Further, in order to become a full-fledged user of the site and be able to use all its functions, you will need to purchase credits (the site’s currency) for which you can make purchases and discover new opportunities.

Place to chat – expensive or cheap? Compared to other dating sites, the site is quite inexpensive.

As for the place to chat cost, there is one rate on the site: Credit Purchasing – 20 credits for 2.99 €.\

you will need credits for infographic


Start live chat: 2 credits per minute

Submit a photo: 10 credits

Submit a video: 50 credits

Use stickers: 5 credits


Send an email to one specific member: the first email costs 10 credits, each subsequent email costs 30 credits.

Open letter: first letter is free, each subsequent letter costs 10 credits

Send photos by mail: free

Open photo in mail: the first photo is free, each subsequent one costs 10 credits

Open video in mail: 50 credits per video


Stream Viewing: Free

Stream group chat: free

Opening videos in profiles: 50 credits

Support System of Place to chat

Place to chat has a good support system for users. If you have any difficulties or questions about using the site, you can write to the support email. You will be answered within the shortest time.

place to chat footer screenshot

Final Verdict

In general, after using place to chat for some time, we can say that the site is not bad, but it is no different from other online dating platforms. As you understand, the site has its pros and cons. In our opinion, the most important plus of the site is the ability to use 20 free credits after registration, and the minus is that almost all site services are paid. We hope we helped you to make the right final decision as for using

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