Mail Order Wife – Your Lucky Chance for a Happy Relationship

mail order wife

Do you know that online dating keeps its top position among available options for building a strong and happy commitment? Yes, this is awesome but it is really working. Guys who dream about finding the best mail order wife and girls who seek reliable men eventually meet at a dating site.  Based on Statista forecast, the number of online daters will increase in upcoming years. It means that you have a high chance to find a Ukrainian mail order wife or come across a suitable girl from any other country. Still, there are many myths around online dating that some people get disappointed in the long run as their expectations are not met. That’s why it is important to learn more about mail order wife and all related issues. 

What is a Mail Order Wife?

You might have heard about Russian mail order wife from your friends. They admitted that wives for sale is the best way to be happy at last. But do you actually understand what it means? Well, a mail order bride is a girl who joins a dating site or agency with the only purpose – find a reliable and loving man. They agree to share personal information and publish photos to make the search of a perfect partner simple and quick. Of course, you can find Asian mail order wife but exactly Slavic brides are the most popular with guys all over the world. 

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Therefore, it is not surprising that Western men join international dating sites and approach trusted dating agencies to meet Polish mail order wife or ladies from other Slavic countries. Why do they prefer starting a romance with a hot Ukrainian bride; and ignore American mail order wife? You can find the answer below: 

Attractive and feminine 

Have you ever seen at least one mail order wife documentary? Did you notice how beautiful and attractive the women for sale are?  You can’t pass these feminine ladies without admiring their excellent body shape, healthy hair, a cool outfit, and impressive manners. Even if you come across a free mail order wife on her way to the shop, you will see how well she looks even in her jeans and sweater. Eastern European women follow the latest trends and are fond of caring about their hair, nails, skin, and body in general. You will hardly ever find Australian mail order wife who looks the same. The energy that comes from Slavic brides for sale is difficult to describe, but it is worth feeling for sure. 

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Smart and open-minded

Did you talk to the Italian mail order wife? Maybe you discussed some topics with the German mail order wife? There is no doubt that these ladies are cool interlocutors and you can have a nice time together. But Slavic women really differ from other ladies. Most of them have high education and even after graduating from university, they keep learning. These girls are open-minded. They study new subjects with impressive passion.  Perhaps there is no area that seems to be difficult for Ukraine mail order wife. Without any exaggeration, Slavic females can impress you with outstanding skills, perfect knowledge, and a desire to know and achieve more. 


No Affrican mail order wife will show you so many talents as an average European wife has. Being very beautiful and intelligent, these females demonstrate numerous talents in different areas. Girls from Ukraine, Poland, and other countries can sing and dance well, some of them write poems, go in for sports, cook, speak several foreign languages, etc. It is rather difficult to count all their talents.  By buying a wife in Slavic country, you can be sure that she will become your real pride and inspiration. 


Not all guys are interested in finding a Spanish mail order wife as they seek a spouse who can create a cozy atmosphere at home. Perhaps there is no better candidature than a girl from Eastern Europe. With a few simple tricks, woman can make any place very comfortable and cozy. You surely will be looking forward to returning to home. A friendly atmosphere is the best thing that helps rest after a hard working day or a busy day at college.


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Amazing mothers

A good mail-order wife will become the best caring mother for kids. These ladies read a lot, listen to podcasts and always keep searching for helpful information. Women greatly balance care, attention, and teaching kids so that they grow nice people. If you decide to buy a wife from Ukraine, Russia, or any other country – you can be sure that your spouse will be an amazing mother who is very responsible and tender at the same time.

Supportive spouses

You can find a bride who is beautiful and smart, but this doesn’t guarantee that you will get a supportive spouse. A Slavic wife for sale is the best choice without any 

exaggeration. You can be sure that your Ukrainian or Belarussian spouse will listen to you, support you, and give a good piece of advice. You can be frank and share everything that worries you. Meanwhile a mail order wife Asian can become a nice partner as well, you will hardly ever get as much support and attention from her as from a Slavic girlfriend. 

Kitty, 28 y.o. Ukraine, Kyiv
Elizabeth, 31 y.o. Ukraine, Nikolaev

Do Mail Order Marriages Still Exist?

Some people might think that male oder marriage is something that doesn’t exist anymore. Still, they are mistaken. Men and women from different parts of the world keep looking for suitable partner despite distance and cultural differences. That’s why it is possible to say that mail order marriages still exist and they are popular with people of different ages and nationalities. 

How successful are mail order marriages?

The success rate of mail order marriages is really high. The main secret is that people take responsibility for their actions. They approach a marriage agency or dating site for singles with a definite purpose – find a partner for a serious relationship. Based on recent research, it is possible to say that about 80% of all male order relationship are successful. People know what they want, and they get it by applying some effort. Finding Russian mail order wife or meeting a girl of any other nationality is simpler now than ever before. 

Where to Find Mail Order Wives?

Once you decide to meet a suitable woman, you can’t get rid of this idea anymore. You start to look for good options to reach your goal. How do I find a mail order for my wife? You can take advantage of any related service and meet the lady you want without going out. Are US mail order spouses illegal? No, they are not if you choose trusted platforms with a good reputation. 

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If you do not know how to choose the service to meet Polish mail order wife, or any other girl, then keep an eye on the following tips. 

  • Check reviews. Luckily today you can find plenty of reviews of most dating sites that offer Asian mail order wife as well as spouses from other parts of the world. They include information about provided services, pros and cons, and other important details.
  • Read terms and conditions attentively. It is one of the most important things to do. Spend some time for doing this instead of guessing. Most providers mention all important details so you can find them out in advance. 
  • See prices and rate plans. How much is a mail ordered wife? The prices vary so you need to make sure that the site you choose fits your budget. Also, it is necessary to check whether the platform with American mail order wife lets you replenish the balance with a convenient payment method. 
  • Start with a free subscription.  Any guide on how to find a wife will recommend you to start your acquaintance with a dating service with a free subscription. This way you get a chance to check all provided functionality and understand whether it is what you really need. Of course, most interesting options aren’t accessible for free users, nevertheless, you will be able to get a general idea of a chosen international dating site.

How Much Does a Mail Order Wife Cost?

When you see a beautiful lady the first thing that may appear in your mind is “Whats a hot wife… but I can’t afford this”. What is a mail order wife cost? Some guys are sure that looking for a compatible spouse at a site for marriage is too expensive. They think that meeting in person is cheaper and more reliable. But let’s look deeper. Here are some expenses that are related to both offline and online options.

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As you can see, online dating is more affordable than personal meetings. It is a good option to start with, learn the lady better, and only than plan a date in a real life. 

It should be stated that prices vary greatly. Some dating platforms come up with a few different rate plans that you can choose depending on the desired amount of credits. Others are charging a monthly subscription fee. Hence, it is difficult to say how much a bride costs precisely. It all depends on the place you choose. 

Is it Possible to Find Mail Order Wife Free of Charge?

Some guys keep wondering whether it is possible to find real wives for free. Well, actually, yes. If you are on a tight budget or simply want to save money and try to find a bride for free, then this information will be useful for you. Among the free options are:

where to find a mail order wife

As the platforms are free, you should be ready to face some disadvantages –  well, many disadvantages. Let’s compare paid and free places to buy a wife. 

Free places

  • You never know for sure who is behind a photo.
  • There are risks to becoming a victim of a cheater and losing your money, photos, and safety.
  • Not all girls have the same goal as you do; hence you risk wasting your time.
  • Some ladies respond too slowly, so you may wait for an answer for several days or even weeks.
  • There is nobody who can help you in case of some problems.
  • You do not know the girl’s marital status before reaching her.
  • Lady may use you for her own needs as a few other guys at the same time.

  • Women have a definite goal; they do not join a dating site just for having fun.
  • Girls’ profiles are checked and verified; chances to come across scammers are really low.
  • You have a wide range of communication tools that make your experience convenient and pleasant.
  • There is a support team that is always close at hand to settle down any urgent issue. 
  • You should not worry about the leak of your personal or banking information as it is kept safely.
  • Searching filters help you save time and chat only with a bride that meets your expectations. 
  • Most trusted dating platforms have either a separate mobile application to chat with a wife sale or a dedicated mobile version of the site. It means you get maximum comfort when communicating with a chosen lady.

All in all, you can choose free services to look for African mail order wife or a lady from another area, but you must get ready for all mentioned above nuances. Reaching your dating goal in this case would be rather challenging. 

How to Attract a Mail Order Bride?

Let’s say you have found a woman who seems to be a perfect match for you. What’s next? How can you attract her attention and prove that you two have a grand future together? Here are a few nice recommendations from a bridal consultant that can make your route easier and more successful. 

1. Be who you are

Neither Asian wife mail order nor any other girl would like to deal with a man who lies. You should not pretend to be someone else to attract the lady’s attention. The best way to do it is to be who you are. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should shout about your drawbacks during the first communication. Still, avoid saying things that are not true about you. Otherwise, you risk disappointing the girl and wasting your time on chatting with the wrong male order bride. 

2. Ask many questions

Do you want to appeal to Japanese mail order wife or a girl from another country? Be the first who asks questions. Start with general topics and avoid choosing too personal issues. This way you will show that you really care, and the bride is important to you. If you feel that questions is not your strong side, then surf the Net. Undoubtedly, you will find many interesting icebreakers to use in your conversations. 

3. Devote enough time to the girl

It goes without saying that mail order wife Philippines, Asia, Ukraine, and all other ladies like attention and care. That’s why you need to devote to the girl as much attention as you can. Let it be a simple “hello” message in the morning and a nice bouquet of flowers without any special occasion. Take every opportunity to show that you are sincerely interested in communicating with a hot email order bride, and are ready to get closer step by step.

4. Send her presents

Romantic messages and virtual gifts are surely good. Still, Ukrainian mail order wife as any other lady would like to feel your interest. Otherwise, all signs are just words and nothing more. The best way to do this is to choose a suitable gift and send it to the girl you like. There is no doubt that you will get much more than that. Being in a good mood and understanding that you are ready to care about her will make you a woman’s favorite. Presents should not be very expensive each time. You can choose small neat things and alternate them with wow gifts. Mind that ladies like generous men.

5. Pay compliments

Did you like Italian mail order wife or a woman from Asia, USA? Find the right words to describe your affection and pay her compliments.  Avoid admitting only her appearance. You can go far beyond that. Mention her talents and skills. Talk about things that make your heart beat faster. In case you are short of compliments, then look for additional ideas on the Net. Perhaps there are so many points that you have not considered yet.

6. Share your plans

Whether you communicate with a Chinese wife mail order, or chat with any other lady, you should let her know your plans. Simply put, if you are looking for a serious commitment – admit this. The same is for friendship, casual dating, etc. In case the girl understands that you have the same goals, your chances for success are doubled. She will see that chatting with you is a good idea. If you do not know what you want, then a foreign bride will hardly be eager to continue communicating with you.

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