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Dating Slovakian Women: Useful Guide, Tips & Top Sites

Eastern European women have become the most common friends of men in western Europe seeking international relationships. But in Eastern Europe it seems that Slovakia has no one in the mind and this is the reason so many male men have no idea about Slovakia and that is an important mistake. If you like Ukrainian single women, but are ready to widen your horizons, then this step-by-step guide will help you find your Slovakian partner and tell you what is necessary to date a Slovakian woman.

Top Surprising Facts about Slovakian Girls You Should Know

 Slovakian Girls

At first, you may think that you know everything about Slovak women, but then, all of sudden you will understand that you actually do not. If right at the moment you are thinking about Slovakian chicks, then you’d better start with surprising facts telling more about these ladies. So, here they are:

  1. You will hardly ever have more than 2 kids with a Slovak girl as on average they are giving birth to one or two babies.
  2. Most Slovakian ladies get married at 30 years, meaning that they do not hurry to build an extended family at an early age.
  3. In Slovakia, divorce rate is 1.7 per 1000 population which is less than in the USA, for example (2.7 per 1000), or Canada (2.1 per 1000)
  4. Slovakian women often decide to create unions with foreigners as they believe that common family values but not nationality should be a ground for such a serious step.
  5. Slovak women tend to master English and gain other important skills for improving the level of their life, and avoiding the language barrier when talking with people from other countries.

In case you want to meet interesting locals but have no idea what to start with, then keep reading to discover options to come across Slovakian girls with ease.

How to Meet Slovakian Women and Start Romance?

If you’re serious about dating a Slovakian lady, you typically have three choices. You need to learn all related peculiarities before choosing the most suitable options for seeking gorgeous girls from Slovakia. Mind that committed relationships are possible only with a compatible female, so do not hurry up and think twice.

How to Meet Slovakian Women

Social networking platforms

Many men consider social networking sites as the best way to meet pretty interesting ladies from Slovakia. Yes, at first sight, it may seem to be a great solution that doesn’t require any funds or effort. But the reality differs. You do not know whether a particular woman is interested in dating, or she has already a man. Sometimes you will not even be able to reach a Slovak girl because of account restrictions. Beautiful Slovakian women may not also take your communication seriously and eventually you risk facing great disappointment.

Dating websites

It is another popular option to get acquainted with Slovakian women. Here you can meet a lady from any part of Slovakia from the comfort of your own house. Local hotties register accounts on trustworthy platforms every day, so you will not have any difficulties with getting in touch with Bratislava girls or any other beauties. Here you have a wide choice of candidatures, blue eyed ladies, slim hotties, blond locals, etc. Having only a device in your hand, you can enjoy Slovak dating without any limitations.

Vising Slovakia

Finally, you can purchase a ticket and go to Slovakia. For example, you can visit Southern Slovakia, or central Slovakia where lakes situated, enjoy soothing parks, and come across a local woman by accident. Or, arrange your first trip to Bratislava exactly, and explore Bratislava nightlife. It is also a good option to find you only one among a dozen girls. This way you will be able to discover folk traditions, and quicker understand whether a newly acquired Slovakian girlfriend can become your life partner.

Summing up all pros and cons of mentioned-above options, it should be stated that today most men choose online dating sites for meeting Slovak girls, or visiting Slovakia to explore vibrant city nightlife.

Top Cities to Get Acquainted with Slovak Women

While you are hesitating about whether hot Slovakian women are worth making an effort, other guys plan their trip, choose girl friendly hotels, and think about how they will spend time there. When choosing a place to visit, some people mistakenly think that there are only two cities that may become a point to meet local gorgeous girls. However, this Central European country features a lot of nice spots. Let’s look at the most popular ones. There your chances to meet a nice Slovak lady are incredibly high.


It’s evident that you acquaintance with Slovakia and Slovak people, you’d better start with the capital of the country. Whether you’d like to see local nature, buildings, or restaurants, this city has something unique and interesting for every visitor. Slovakian chicks could be found everywhere here. Parks, galleries, museums, and other spots are popular with tourists. Two nights will not be enough for you to explore all attractions for sure. Still, if you are interested in nightlife scene, then the city center will be the best choice for sure. There you can explore Bratislava nightlife, meet beautiful Slovakian women, and have a great time. Mind that Bratislava girls differ from other local hotties. A newly acquired Slovakian girlfriend has a central dialect and your first date would be special for sure.


Besides the impressive landscape, this city in Slovakia has an interesting history. Walking around the city in the company of amazing girls could be your best experience ever. There is no doubt, that most women you come across here, have a little in common with Bratislava girls, for example. Still, all Slovakian women are great interlocutors, and you will find what to do together on any day of the week. Do you want to see local sightseeing, or drink a cup of tasty coffee? There is everything you need for a nice past time with Slovakian girls. Mystic Night Club, Singing fountain, and State Theatre are only a few places that are worth your attention. In fact, spots, where you can meet same-minded Slovakian women, are numerous.


In case you are not a big fan of megapolises and look for Catholic upbringing for the girl, then this small city may be a perfect option to meet Slovak women. Unlike Bratislava girls, local ladies prefer visiting the famous church of St. Jacob, and walking in a historical center. Women from Slovakia picked here, are nice candidates for creating strong families but are not suitable for one night stands. Therefore, you can spend a good time while soothing parks featuring ample, talking about close friends, discussing gender roles, and getting to know each other better. In a few dates only, you will realize whether a particular girl may be your perfect match.

Dating Slovakian Women – Meet Single Girls And Ladies from Slovakia Online

In case you are not ready to go to Slovakia, Central Europe, or you simply do not have such an opportunity at a given time, then online dating sites may be a great alternative for meeting Slovakian girls. This is when your choice will not be limited to only two cities, and you can meet a girl from any town in the country. Slovakian ladies are widely using various dating platforms in order to meet someone different from Slovak men. So, if you aim to find your special one among mutually intelligible babes, then online dating may become your lucky ticket. Here are a few good sites with not only Bratislava girls, but other Slovakian women as well. Some of them also list ladies from other countries, so the choice of amazing girls is truly impressive.

dating slovakian women

Slovakian women prefer registering on trustworthy dating sites like If you are looking for a perfect ratio of quality and price, then it is better to pay your attention to this particular platform. Besides real Slovak girls that you can find here, your overall dating experience with pretty strictly ladies will not cost you a fortune. Despite the country, you are coming from, girls with funky spiky hairstyle from Slovakia are ready to talk with you at any time of the day and night, and arrange the first date as soon as possible. Registration on the site is simple and quick. Moreover, you can enjoy plenty of free options or purchase a promo rate plan only at $4.88. In fact, the prices on Victoria club com are the cheapest in the market. So, if you feel afraid to invest in online dating a Slovakian woman, then this platform may be your chance to save money and do not worry about your personal safety.

It is another popular dating platform that is an experienced player of online dating market. It welcomes girls and guys from all over the world, so you will need a little bit more time to find a baby from Slovakia. Anyway, this platform has plenty of tools for smooth chatting and getting closer to each other. The point that may upset you is that it is not absolutely free Slovak dating site and the prices are higher in comparison to other websites. Still, if the question of cost is not a priority for you, then looking for Slovakian women here may be a nice idea to consider. Remember to read all terms and conditions before joining a dating platform to avoid related disappointment in the future.

services for dating slovakian women

Here you can meet ladies with Catholic upbringing as well as fans of vibrant city nightlife. The website has a responsive design and convenient search filters. By spending a few minutes on creating an account, you get access to a catalog of Slovakian girls as well as ladies from Ukraine, Poland, etc. Many women seek committed relationships that none of Slovak men can provide them with. By chatting online, you should not worry about the language barrier as online translator is at your service. Moreover, most girls from Slovakia picked here, have a good command of English. Therefore, your online communication will be a pleasure for both of you.

dating apps with Slovakian women

Is a Free Slovak Dating Site a Good Idea?

Let’s face the truth, most guys would like to meet Slovakian girls free of charge. If you are looking for alluringly slim physiques but are not ready to pay for online dating tools, then you’d better keep an eye on all the related drawbacks of a free Slovakian dating site:

  • There are no guarantees of safety. It is evident that free sites do not hire moderators who check visitors, verify profiles, and block scammers. Therefore, you can’t expect a safe Slovak dating experience.
  • You will not get any assistance. The same as with moderators, free platforms do not have any support team to help you with related issues. In other words, you will stay one-to-one with all your difficulties when communicating with Czech people from Slovakia.
  • A waste of time. Yes, you can save money on chatting women from Slovakia, but are you ready that it will be a waste of your time? After all, you will contribute some effort into meeting Slovack chicks and the result will not please you for sure. Yes, Slavic peoples like discounts and different promoactions, but is the game worth the candle? Definitely, no.

As you can see, free Slovak dating online may turn out to be a real threat to those who care about their own safety. Hence, it is better to prefer trustworthy sites and look for women from Slovakia there.

How to Attract a Slovak Girl infographic

You already know that Slovakia is a land of attractive women who are ready to go beyond casual dating Slovak men. So, if you are wondering how to attract a local lady, then adhere to the following tips. They will let you enjoy your acquaintance with a Slovak click and make it fruitful.

1. Mind cultural differences

Slovak women respect their country and traditions a lot. If you want to win a heart of a particular lady, you are recommended to explore her culture and try to know as much about the local lifestyle as possible. Moreover, you should demonstrate respect for the way many Slovaks live, and mind all cultural differences when talking with women from Slovakia. You should be ready that available background will be present in your life in case you decide to get connected with a local single.

2. Let her know your intentions

Do you have serious intentions or seek just casual communication? In any case, you need to share your plans and goals so that the lady from Slovakia is aware of potential development. This way, you both will avoid possible disappointment and understand what you can expect from your communication. Sincerity is a key to success here.

3. Get acquainted with her friends/family

Of course, it would be great if a woman’s Slovak family likes you and accepts you completely. Still, you can start with a simple acquaintance. Ask the girl how her family is, and try to learn more about her friends. In other words, you should be introduced to her routine, and show that being a part of her life is really important to you.

4. Show your interest all the time

Slovak women as well as girls from any other country appreciate attention a lot. Hence, if you want to appeal to the lady, it is necessary to show your affection in any possible way. Luckily, there are so many options to demonstrate your interest to Slovak women. If you chat online, then consider sending real gifts (not only virtual), for example, flowers, fruit, devices, etc. Another way to prove you care is to schedule meetings and not miss them under no circumstances.

5. Take dating to the next level

If you are not going to say it is just my second night, and aim to build something more serious, then consider taking your communication to the next level. You can go to Slovakia to arrange a face-to-face meeting, or invite her to your country. There is no doubt Czech, Slovak women know what they want, and your confidence will be a key to the final result.

Steps on How to Take Your Slovakian Girlfriend to the US?

Brides who marry in a different country are legally allowed here. You can also not just take an airplane to America. If you have a woman from Slovakia and you want her to move to your country, then she needs a K1 visa. It can also happen in other countries for a wedding. If you are married to a Slovakian person and have an official marriage certificate, the visa can be applied. But K-1 visas generally are faster. You will also need to prove your relationship to an immigration official. This is the main way for women from Slovakia to move to the USA.


Do you have any questions about dating girls from Slovakia? Let’s discuss the most common questions that guys may be interested in.

  • What is typical for Slovak culture? It should be stated that Slovak people have similar traditions to other countries that are situated in Central Europe as well. So, if you know at least something about German, Czech, Ukrainian, or Hungarian culture, then you will have no difficulties with exploring the local culture.
  • What are Slavic features female? You will not have any problems recognizing a typical Slavic girl. These ladies have a round face, small noses, and wide cheekbones.
  • Does Slovakia have women’s rights? Yes, of course, local girls care about their rights, and while respecting men, they keep to be who they are. All women’s rights are declared and promote freedom in society.


Slovak dating online

Women from Slovakia attract guys from all over the world. Some of them are great fans of nightlife scene, while others prefer spending time with families at home. In any case, dating Slovakian women can bring you a lot of joy and pleasure. Mind mentioned above tips and tricks to make acquaintance and communication with local chicks smooth. Devote enough time to the selection of a trustworthy website, and let all your invested time and effort provide you with the best possible result. 

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