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Bulgarian Brides: Practical Tips on How to Build Your Dream Marriage

Bulgarian brides are rather demanding on the international marriage scene. Building strong relationships and adhering to family values are very important points for girls from this lovely Balkan country. Since scientific and technological progress has erased boundaries, men from all over the world take advantage of the opportunity to look for a future life partner in any part of the world. Dating websites are great helpers in looking for a soulmate far beyond your nearest social circle and even your country. Would you like to know what attracts men to Bulgarian brides online? What makes them seek a meeting with girls from Bulgaria? Let me share the answers to these questions and even more with you in this article.

🏆Best Dating Sites for Meeting Bulgarian Wives Victoriyaсlub.com 
📍Popular Cities to Find Mail-Order Brides Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna  
💒Success Rate 91% 
👰‍♀️Average Marriage Age for BulgarianWomen 23-27 y.o. 
💵Average Cost $3,000 – $10,000 

Distinctive Features of Bulgarian Mail Order Brides 

The population of this small country is approximately 7 million. Women represent the largest part of this number, as in most European countries. This is why many girls look for a life partner abroad. It significantly increases the chances of success when looking for Bulgarian mail order brides.

Of course, every person is unique and distinctive. Nevertheless, there are certain traits that are common to a particular ethnicity and country of residence. Girls from sunny Bulgaria are no exception. Here are some basic characteristics to point out:  

Family-oriented nature

Family plays an important role in the life of Bulgarian society, so Bulgarian girls are determined to build a strong and long-lasting union, based on strong love and mutual respect. As experience shows, Bulgarian women are loving mothers for their children. 

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Hospitality and patience

The culture of Bulgaria, as well as other Balkan nations, is famous for its traditions of cordiality and hospitality, which have a positive effect on the character of Bulgarian girls. If you are building a relationship with a Bulgarian girl, you can expect forgiveness and understanding. 


About 20% of the Bulgarian population has a university degree, and almost half of them are women, which is quite highly educated even by European standards. Bulgarian brides are focused on self-development, and there will always be something to talk to them about. 

Cooking and homemaking skills

Bulgaria is famous for its culinary traditions, and a Bulgarian wife will always be able to please her life partner with something delicious. And in general, Bulgarian girls are excellent housewives. 

What are Bulgarian Women Mail Order Brides Like? 

If you want to describe Bulgarian women mail order brides, the first words that come to mind are “charming beauties”. They stand out even on international dating sites, where gorgeous women from all over the world are eager to show their best sides. Fit, athletic bodies promote the excellent health of both the bride and future offspring. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find a bride to match your preferences. 

Bulgarian women are so diverse. No man would feel disappointed, be it a fan of gentle, petite girls or an admirer of passionate, chubby ladies. VictoriyaClub is a website that invites men from all over the world to find love. It offers a huge variety of women seeking marriage.

Do you need more reasons to opt for a Bulgarian brides agency? Watch the video below for more interesting ideas.

Where to Meet Bulgarian Brides for Sale 

There are two ways to pursue a Bulgarian brides marriage — traditional and modern. Despite the development of technology, many men still prefer personal dating. And it should be noted that they have their reasons! However, those who prefer online dating are ready to put forward their counterarguments. Let’s look at the main pros and cons of each method to find Bulgarian brides for sale: 

 Online Dating Offline Dating 
Convenience 💻 📱Possibility to connect from home or on the go 🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♀️ Dating in the real world, personal communication  
🌟 Wide selection Many potential partners from all over the world 💘 💑 Relationships start with meetings and dating in person  
First impression  📝  Ability to view photos and profiles in advance 💞 👀  First impression and chemistry when meeting in person 
Efficiency ⏩ 💬 Fast communication and messaging ⏳ Opportunity to spend more time socializing and getting to know each other  
🚫 Less reasons to be shy  🙅‍♂️ Feeling more free and relaxed  😳Possibly feeling shy in the first meeting 
💰 Costs💵 🆓 Lots of free dating sites and apps 💰 💳  No subscription fees or internet access required  
Geography🌏 Opportunity to meet people from different countries 📍 Meeting people who live near or in the same city 
⏰ Flexibility🕒 📅 Possibility to chat at your convenience ⏰ Need to coordinate appointments and times  
AI 📊 Using algorithms to find suitable partners 👫 💬 Intuitive understanding and engagement based on personal experience  
Safety🔒 🚧 Possibility to communicate without disclosing personal information💪 Preference for safety and feeling confident in face-to-face meetings
Average costsWebsite subscription: $100 per month
Gifts and online communication: starting from $50
Tickets: $800*Hotel: from $600 *Meals: from $400*Transportation and entertainment: from $600*for 14 days trip

Meeting Bulgarian Bride Old-Fashioned Way

If you are a fan of traditional ways, my tips will help you find a bride from Bulgaria while visiting this country in person. Here is a brief guide to the main places for dating. 

🌟Sofia. The capital is the most populated city in the country, with the richest choice of brides for any taste, even the most demanding men. 

Popular places for dating in Sofia are as follows: 

  1. The National Palace of Culture is a traditional venue for concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural events. 
  2. Vitosha Boulevard is a pedestrian street in the very center of the Bulgarian capital. It is famous for its large concentration of fashionable boutiques, chic restaurants, and cozy cafes. 
  3. Sofia University is suitable for those who prefer intelligent brides. It regularly hosts open events; each of them is a platform for potential romantic encounters. 

🌟 Plovdiv. This old town is famous for its historical sights and unique natural scenery. Residents of the city claim that the most beautiful Bulgarians live here, and I see no reason to argue with them. 

🌟 Varna. This is a popular Black Sea resort, which increases the chances of getting acquainted here not only with the local residents but also with girls coming on vacation from other cities in Bulgaria.  

If you do not have time or the opportunity to visit Bulgaria yet, take full advantage of online dating. Let me remind you of its main advantages: 

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Great choice, not limited by the social circle. There is the possibility of developing several potential relationships at the same time. 
  • 🚀 Borders do not exist — you can meet a girl from any city in Bulgaria. 
  • 🔒 Privacy — you decide what information to disclose.   
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Bulgarian Bride: How to Win Her Heart 

There is no advice that will guarantee foreigner buying Bulgarian brides absolute success. However, if you take into account mentality, cultural, and ethnic factors, you will significantly increase your chances of success with a Bulgarian bride. So, here we go: 

  • 📱💻 Bulgaria is a European country, and its residents (girls are no exception) are quite well-versed in gadgets. Many prefer to use online dating platforms. 
  • 🌹 Family values are very important for girls from Bulgaria. Focusing on family and having children will be a significant plus for you. 
  • 💑 The ideas about the traditional roles of a man and a woman in Bulgarian society also contribute to building a family. 
  • ⌛💕 Bulgarian girls are open to communication and easily shift from online correspondence to personal meetings. However, this does not mean that they are easily approachable. Bulgarian women are faithful in relationships. 
  • 🇧🇬 Bulgarian brides show interest in their partner’s culture. At the same time, your sincere curiosity and respect for their traditions and customs will add to the positive impression the girl has of you. 

Bulgarian women are not demanding, but it is almost impossible to conquer Bulgarian brides free. You will have to demonstrate your interest. Flowers, gifts, and some sweet gestures will make a Bulgarian girl feel you have a genuine interest in her. 

Love Stories with Bulgarian Mail Order Brides 

Most men prefer to look for brides younger than themselves. However, as experience shows, mature Bulgarian brides can be an excellent choice and a guarantee of a happy future. There are many romantic and exciting love stories starring Bulgarian mail order brides. Here are just two of them. 

William with Anabela

Hi, I am William, a businessman from Great Britain. I would say that Anabela came to my attention quite by chance because I had specified clear parameters for my wife-to-be and submitted them to the Bulgarian brides agency. I was 40 and wanted to find a wife under 35. However, you can’t fight fate. Somehow I got the profile of Anabela (45). I became curious and started a correspondence. To my surprise, I have found a soulmate with a lot of common interests. A day later, we communicated via video call, and a week later, my feelings made me book a ticket to Sofia. Now we are in the midst of the preparation for our wedding. 

Life often proves that older Bulgarian brides are not inferior to their younger peers. Gunter and Daniela’s story is even more exciting. 

Gunter and Dresden

My name is Gunter. I am a manager from Dresden, Germany. I met Daniela on the website that offers meeting a Bulgarian mail order bride. First, when I messaged her, she thought it was a prank, as she is 15 years older than me and has three children from a previous marriage. Actually, it was her friend who persuaded her to join the website. Nevertheless, our communication slowly developed. And we saw that love was stronger than preconceptions. I am happy to become not only a reliable husband for my sweetheart but also a real father for her children. 

bulgarian mail order bride with man

Expert Opinion: Are Bulgarian Male Order Brides Worth It?

Let me summarize briefly. Having explored the available information and statistics, I can safely say that Bulgarian mail order brides are quite emancipated and active women, ready to become equal partners in both romantic and family relationships. At the same time, the cultural background and traditions of Bulgarian society make them faithful wives and good mothers. Once you tie your fate to a girl from Bulgaria, you will not be disappointed. 


Can I buy bride in Bulgaria?
This service is offered by many marriage agencies and dating sites. It is also possible to search for a Bulgarian bride on your own. The good thing is that nowadays you don’t even have to go to Bulgaria, at least at the initial stage. As a rule, if there is proper communication, Bulgarian girls quickly express their desire for a personal meeting.
Can foreigners marry in Bulgaria?
Yes, they can. Marriage with a foreigner can be registered in Bulgaria. However, obtaining the documents takes time, so make sure to take care of them in advance. Bulgaria recognizes marriages registered on the territories of other countries (the exception is religious marriages under Sharia law).
Which countries sell brides?
Girls of typical Slavic appearance are invariably popular in the marriage market. Apart from Bulgaria, such brides come from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and some other Slavic countries.
What is the tradition of the Bulgarian wedding?
Bulgaria is a country of ancient and original culture, and weddings are no exception. The bride and groom exchange rings on the day of their engagement. They wear the “godežni prjstni” (wedding rings) on the ring finger of the left hand. The bride usually wears a white dress, which is a symbol of purity. As a rule, she also wears one old piece of clothing. This will keep her in touch with her parents’ family and childhood friends. The night before the wedding, the bride should stay at her parents’ house. An obligatory part of the marriage is a church wedding or a Muslim nikah. If you decide to marry a Bulgarian woman, you may be pleasantly surprised by her awareness of local traditions.
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