How to Tell a Girl You Love Her

How to Tell a Girl You Love Her. Crucial Step for Men

If there is THE-ONE-GIRL in your life that you know you are ready to open up your feelings to then you shouldn’t hesitate. It is not the easiest thing to do – to be honest –  as when you have a crush on someone the brain may glitch and make you do awkward things. There are steps to follow for men when one wants to tell a girl he loves her. 

Before you go and tell a woman you love her, try to analyze your feelings. You need to know for sure it is real love as you don’t want to bring false hope and confuse your partner. Ask yourself if this is true love? Are you trying to make the best impression on her? Do you want to get all of her attention? If you have a desire to impress a girl with every move of yours then you most likely have strong feelings or even love her. 

Is she constantly on your mind? Well, that is a signal of love as well. When you love someone it is impossible not to think of your crush during the day so make sure you listen to your thoughts and analyze them. 

Love often makes us want to become a better version of ourselves as we want to impress a crush and feel worthy. If you feel that your crush is an extraordinary person and you need to do your best to become the best option for her then you are in love. 

How to tell a girl you love her. Crucial step for men

Do you want her to be happy? If yes, then you might help her to get through difficult stages of her life, care for her when she feels sick, and try to cheer her up after a long difficult day at work. That is how people act towards the ones they love. 

1. Reenact the situation

Telling someone about your feelings is a difficult thing to do as it makes you insecure and vulnerable. So, to feel less worried and confused, just try to think over your confession in advance. It won’t necessarily reduce the stress level but make you look more confident and calm which is always nice. Also, make sure you define the right stage of your relationship not to scare her away. Don’t tell her “I love you.” only but try to describe your feelings in-depth by sharing why you love her, when you have realized you love her, how much she means to you, etc.

2. Pick the right place

Opening up your feelings is an extremely intimate moment so you don’t want anyone to intrude. Picking the time and a place in advance is an excellent approach to a big conversation. It is better to pick a place that means a lot for both of you and brings some nice memories. This needs to be a face-to-face conversation. No friends, relatives, colleagues – just two of you sharing this special moment. It may be dinner made by you or a lovely walk in a park.

3. Say it out loud

You need to feel the right moment and simply say “I love you”. Try to stay calm and friendly. Look straight into her eyes and smile. Say some nice compliments. Also, you don’t need to make your confession spectacular but a sincere one. It is highly important to tell her why you love her to make it feel more real to her.

4. Actions but not words matter
You know what really affects relationships is the way you act towards your partner. A loving and caring boyfriend supports his crush, staying involved with different aspects of her life. Treating a woman with kindness and respect makes her feel safe next to you and a trustworthy relationship is the best base for love. Gifts and flowers will always help you to reveal your feelings and make your girl feel accorded the greatest care and consideration.

5. Give her some time

An ability to express feelings and share them openly with someone depends on different factors including our childhood, relations with parents, and dating background. Some people find it difficult to say “I love you” because of traumas caused in the past. The one thing you shouldn’t do is to push a girl to give you an answer straight away but listen to her carefully. If she tells you that she needs more time to relax and realize her true feelings then give it to her. 

Important tips when you tell a girl you love her

tell a girl you love her

Some girls are highly mysterious and prefer to mask their real feelings to stay more safe and confident. That is the case when a man doesn’t know what reaction to expect from a girl and feels even more stressed about that feelings reveal thing. So, how to tell a girl you love her when you are not sure she loves you back?

There is no guarantee she tells you “I love you too” straight away. The five steps mentioned above are about preparing you to confess your feelings. You shouldn’t panic in a situation when she has nothing to answer your confession as it can be much more difficult for her to confess her desires and intentions. All people are different and you need to treat your love with respect even if some of her actions make you upset, especially if it wasn’t intentional. Do not insist on a prompt reply as it may scare her off. Give her some time to think through your confession and try to act cool like it was a casual date – that could help you to reduce the tension. 

If there is no reciprocity in her feelings then try to act like an adult. Try to stay as friendly as possible and focus on all the positive aspects of your relationships. At the end of the day, the fact she doesn’t love you yet doesn’t mean she won’t ever fall in love with you. Take your time and enjoy spending quality time with your crush until you feel you are ready for the next level in relationships and only then bring up the “I love you” topic again. 

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