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How to Find a Date? 15 Working Tips & Tricks

How to find a date for yourself? We are social creatures and badly need to have different kinds of relationships starting with family and friends and ending with romantic dating. But how to find the date? 

I guess it is safe to say that nowadays dating and building relationships are in our own hands. We can control who we date, where we look for a mate, how we spend our time together.

According to Stanford’s research around 40% of all couples meet online. Bars and restaurants are on the second place with 27% and the third place is through friends (20%).

How to Find a Date - sources

Source: Stanford’s research

So, let’s talk about how we can find a date and how it usually happens in the world.

Find a date online

1. The most popular and most likely the easiest way to find a date is online dating sites and apps.

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According to the research conducted in April 2020 approximately 8%-10% respondents in the USA between the ages of 18 and 44 actively use a dating app and 28%-30% used it in the past.

Find a date online statistic usa

Source: Statista USA

It means that almost 40% of socially active people were users of internet matchmaking services.

So, it is definitely an option to find a date online. There are hundreds if not thousands of sites and applications. Some of them are global and others are local. Here is the chart that shows the popularity of online dating sites by the size of their audience.

dating apps marketshare

Source: Statista USA

2. Social media is also a powerful way to meet people online. Indeed, we all use Facebook or Instagram. And it appeared to be a quite comfortable way to get in touch with people. You can see their profiles and have a better idea about the person.

Add the person to your friends, like some posts and pictures, comment on those you like the most and then send a direct message. This way you will not be a complete stranger and can start your communication.


3. Another way to find a date is through your friends. People love to share their stories with friends, including love affairs. So talk to them. Tell them that you are looking for somebody. Maybe they know someone who is right for you.


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4. One more popular trend is to actually date a friend. It became quite popular among people over 30. When you know the person really well and he/she makes you happy, why not to give it a try?

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How find a date through your family

5. Indeed, you can find a date through your family. It’s quite a classic way. Your parents communicate with their friends that also have children of your age. They know these people and you can talk to them as well on family dinners or birthday parties.

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6. The other “family way” is friends of your sister / brother / cousin. If you are a guy and you have a sister she may have a single friend that fits you. Just tell her and she may advise you. And of course this works in both ways.

Find a date in a bar or restaurant

7. Meeting people in bars and restaurants is always interesting and exciting. And that is the way when you can find a date tonight right away.

2nd date

You probably saw those movies when a guy approaches the girl and says something like “Hey, why is such a beautiful girl sitting alone?” She treats him coldly at first, but then they end up spending the rest of the evening together.

Well, this happens not only in movies. Men can go to a bar to find a girlfriend. The waitresses will definitely be there.


8. And one more place to find a date I want to discuss is your work. In most cases it’s a place that unites like minded people. It’s rather important nowadays. You have a lot in common and there are plenty of things you can do together or discuss.

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People are extremely busy in the 21st century. It’s hard to find free time and it is a shame to waste it. So, looking for a date among the colleagues is considered to be smart and effective. You can offer to go grab a cup of coffee and discuss some project or news. You don’t have to name it as a real date. But when you are 2 spend time together and start talking about casual things like hobbies, movies, personal preferences it is a date.

Some working tips

If you are single and decided to actively look for a mate here are some working tips that will help you achieve your objective.

There can be her ex around

1) Take care of your appearance. You don’t know when and where exactly you have a chance to meet your soulmate. Therefore make sure to always look nice. It is about your body, clothes and even about your mood.

2) Try to expand your social circle. The more people you know , the more chances you have to meet someone new.

3) Be decisive. Noone is going to judge you if you try to approach somebody. It is not a crime if you see somebody and start talking to him/her. So, when you notice somebody you like, just start talking.

4) Don’t be afraid of failure. That’s the important one. As a matter of fact there are no failures, unless of course you do something really stupid. It is always a precious experience. And you got nothing to lose.

5) Don’t use cheesy pick up lines. Some time ago it was a rather popular way to meet girls in bars. But now it does not work that way.

6) Never ask for a date directly. Try to avoid saying things like “May I invite you for a date?” or “Let’s go on a date with me”. It’s too awkward. just offer her to walk a dog in the morning or get some coffee. This sounds much better and it is easier to accept this offer.

7) Try to look confident. Women love that. 

Final Words

These are the tips that will help you find a date. As you can see it’s not that hard as some may think. We are all social creatures. Men and women want to go for a date and build healthy and successful relationships. Luckily right now there are lots of opportunities to do that.

You never know which tip will work best for you and which relationship will grow in something huge. But you should certainly know that if you don’t try you will never know.

What tips do you have? Share in comments below.

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