Having multiple relationships: Good or Bad?

Having Multiple Relationships: Good or Bad?

Today, we will try to figure out if having multiple relationships is good or bad and how to escape that trap. 

There are various reasons why people create love triangles. It can be a conscious decision or a heartfelt impulse, but the one common thing about all love triangles as they won’t last forever. Eventually, you have to make a choice. The first thing for you to do when participating in a love triangle is to choose yourself. To become a happy person, you should be honest with yourself. 

Try to evaluate your “main” relationships – what is wrong with that? Is there a problem that you couldn’t solve? Or maybe, you weren’t trying to solve it? Have you been cheating to fill that gap you couldn’t fill with your main partner? Try to imagine your relationships as a movie and decide who is the main character that makes this movie worth watching. 


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Another nice thing to do is to realize what feelings these two people bring up in you. It often happens that you have an issue with a partner and try to offset it with another person. However, that is not the way to achieve satisfaction as that will make you overwhelmed because of bad conscience. 

It is complicated to recognize and accept your genuine feelings as you may be drowning in the mix of passion, desire, guilt, resentment, a fear of abandonment, etc. The best way to figure out what you need is to spend some time on your own. It will help you to calm down and make an informed decision. 

Let’s talk about women

One of the most common reasons for women to participate in multiple relationships is dissatisfaction with an existing partner. Some will say that if a woman isn’t happy with her partner she should leave a man and try to build relationships with another person.

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However, women tend to experience fear of loneliness and believe that it is better to stick with the devil you know. Such women live unhappy lives and just the bravest ones try to figure out if there are other decent candidates for their hearts.

In that case, multiple relationships is not an absolute evil but an indicator of a dubious and frightened person that makes attempts to fix a personal life. One of the colossal issues with having multiple relationships for a woman is that she cannot fill up the new relationships with her energy being in “old” relationships. Her “new” dearie will smell a rat and refuse to play games.  

Let’s talk about men

The situation is different for men. A man can have the most lovely, carrying, and compromised woman that makes him bored. Then he meets a passionate one with a squirrel living in her head, which makes him feel excited and alive.

Having multiple relationships: Good or Bad?

That is the moment when a man asks himself if he needs a good wife or ready to get lost in the unknown. Both types of women deserve attention and love, so you should determine if you want a life full of adventures or to build a family in a warm and comfortable environment.

Why do people have multiple relationships? 

It may be because of the fear of creating a family as long-term relationships with one person suggests marriage, which may frighten people that are not ready to take that responsibility. In that case, you should try to find out the source of your fear: it may be because of destructive relationships with your parents or a bad experience with your previous partner. Eventually, you should decide what you want and stop lying to your partners and yourself. Otherwise, you may lose two loyal and loving people you could build a brilliant couple.

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Some people require an ego boost and find it a good idea to use someone’s loyalty and fascination to feel valued. That is the way to the destruction of a personality, as there is no way using people will make you a better person. That will make you cynical, fussy, lecherous, and minimize your chances to recognize true feelings when a decent person comes around.

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Some people know no love. They just try to take advantage of relationships, using people to satisfy their needs. But even the most self-centered person will feel empty eventually unless it is an absolute psychopath that has no interest in others’ feelings. Before you start using someone that has an interest in you, think of consequences and potential drama that has nothing to do with the fan. 

Problems of multiple relationships

Multiple relationships cause a breach of trust between partners. A significant risk exists that relationships will turn sour. It may cause regrets and introspection. Maybe, having multiple relationships will help you to realize that you love one of its participants and try to satisfy your needs.

To make that difficult decision, you should imagine your life in 5-10 years. Where do you see yourself and the most important question is whom do you see by your side. Thinking of your future, pay attention to your feelings, if that scenario makes you smile. That will help you to make the right choice. 

Should you be with someone who loves you or with the one you love? Well, that is not the way to become a happy person, as anyone deserves to have meaningful relationships and enjoy mutual feelings of love and respect. 

Having multiple relationships does not always mean that you are a bad person but a confused one, that needs more time and effort to realize what you need out of relationships. Try to find the courage, to be honest with yourself and embrace your authentic feelings to make the right choice.

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