Girl vs Woman. When is it proper to call a female a "girl" and when "woman"?

Girl vs Woman. When is it proper to call a female a “girl” and when “woman”?

Girl vs Woman. When one can call her a girl and when it is proper to call her a woman? Is it about age or mind set? Let’s resolve this “girl vs woman” question and find out when it is proper to call a female a “girl” and when “woman”.

General Idea

The first thing we should mention in the context of the difference between girls and women is age. It is not about age at all as many women are younger than girls.

Girl vs Woman. When is it proper to call a female a "girl" and when "woman"?

The way they live, think, the act makes all the difference. Girls and women see this world from different perspectives and take different actions while interacting with it.

Let us tell you, there are many girls, but only a few women. The same thing with boys and men, so everything is balanced. We believe, every boy can find his girl and every man can find his woman. 

10 “Girl vs Woman” Indicators 

If you are a guy that wants to check out if you are stuck in relationships with a girl and you need to change something. Here are 10 indicators, that will help you to know when it is proper to call a female a “girl” and when a “woman”.

Having multiple relationships: Good or Bad?
  1. Girls give preference to revealing clothes as they believe it boosts their sexuality level. At the same time, women know exactly how they look that realize that sex appeal has nothing in common with what you wear. A woman can wear a pretty casual outfit and feel more sexy and confident than a girl in a revealing dress. Women know their strength and how to highlight them properly without showing off too much. 
  2. Girls get drunk and women know when to stop. No woman tries to end a bottle asap to start a new one. That is a fun activity for girls that still need to participate in some kinds of contests. Drunk girls can do silly things without even thinking of consequences. Women find such an attitude unacceptable as they want to keep their reputation at a decent level. Women won’t drink to the level when she loses control. 
  3. Girls care about their social media status, women – don’t. Girls often can’t wait to show their relationships on social media and share their feelings with the audience. Women forget to post anything on social media as they are too busy with real life and don’t really care for someone’s opinion on them.
  4. Girls try to entertain themselves, women – develop. Girls prefer to explore news and live updates of celebrities. A woman would rather spend time watching an interesting interview with a successful person, read a book, go to a workshop, etc. Women try to keep their minds clean and uncluttered.
  5. Girls want men to read their thoughts, women – share their thoughts and feelings. Girls believe the right guy can understand their desires and thoughts by hints. Unfortunately, most men cannot translate hints which makes girls upset. It is typically for a woman to use speech for thoughts and feelings. 
  6. Girls stick to what they know, women try to discover new things. Women are much more experienced and they know there is nothing wrong with slight worry when you deal with something new. They appreciate new feelings, passionate about life. Most girls require someone who will hold their hand all the time. 
  7. Girls need a daddy, women need themselves. Being strong and independent is a “new sexy”. If a woman needs something she takes it straight away. Whereas a girl prefers to wait for someone’s help. 
  8. Girls do diets, women eat. Women are much more aware of the impact of food on our health so they choose their food with respect to their body. They are not afraid to eat steak in front of men as they believe there is no such thing as different eating rules for different gender representatives. 
  9. A girl expects you to pay for her. Women are independent. Girls don’t take off their wallets and they believe it is a man’s responsibility to pay for everything. Women are not afraid to show their financial independence which allows men to realize that a lady is interested in dating him because of romantic feelings but not because he pays for her. 
  10. Girls are boring, women – interesting. Girls don’t have much to talk about. They rarely have interesting hobbies or interests in the world’s agenda. Women don’t try to copy someone’s opinion. They try to share their thoughts and always want to know your thoughts back. 

Who to date Girls or Women?

There is nothing wrong with dating girls as they are gorgeous, hot, funny. However, there is a point in every man’s life when he realizes he is tired. Tired from uncertainty. If you feel that way, that is the time for you to give up dating girls and start meeting women.

As you can see, there are some serious differences between girls and women. Still, you shouldn’t put labels on both as all people are different and there are some deep-thinking girls out there, that’s for sure. This article is dedicated to men, who want to start serious relationships with a woman not a girl in every sense of the word.

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