Dating in Your 30s. 12 Important Tips to get the best Result

Dating in Your 30s. 12 Important Tips to get the best Result

When you are 30, you have a different attitude to relationships and different expectations from your love match compared to when you were 20. When you are young, it’s mostly about fun. Dating is the 20 is hardly about starting a serious relationship. When you are 30, you start thinking about family and kids. 

However, it can sometimes feel frustrating to watch other people around you walking with babies and being head over ears involved in the daily routine while spending a Friday night in the bar sipping a cocktail. There are also many benefits of dating in your 30s. You have more freedom in your actions. You also have more wisdom and life experience under your belt, which means that you know exactly what you are looking for in your partner and life in general. 

With that being said, let’s consider 12 essential tips to get the best results when you are dating in your 30s. 

Age is just a number

Dating in Your 30s. 12 Important Tips to get the best Result

Age doesn’t really matter when two people are in love and want to spend time with each other. When you go on a date, the age difference doesn’t have as much importance as other considerations. It’s more vital to have physical and emotional attraction to another person. 

Know what you want 

If you are tired of going to not-so-good dates or spending time on the dates that lead nowhere, then you need to find out what you are looking for and what expectations you have from your partner. It’s recommended to focus on the inner traits of your partner. Besides being attracted to your partner, the thing that really matters is sharing similar core values and appreciating the person’s inner attributes to whom you feel the attraction. Once you get clear about your desires, focus on the right characteristics that you are looking for in your partner. 

State your intentions from the start

It’s the best tip to waste your time. When you meet a special someone and start dating him or her, share your intentions right from the beginning. If you want to find a person with whom you can have a family, tell it to your partner. It can be a bold move, but you will know if there is any reason to continue this relationship and share the same views with your partner.

State your intentions from the start
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If your partner isn’t as serious about relationships as you are and looks for fun and carefree time spending, then there’s no point to continue wasting your time. 

There’s nothing terrible of being clear about your intentions. However, that’s not the best topic for conversations on your first date. Instead, try to learn more about the person, be curious, ask questions. It will help you better know him or her and get clear what his or her goals are. 

Get your guard down

Did you have many unsuccessful relationships recently? Maybe that’s the defense mechanism that doesn’t let you anyone in? If you don’t get your guard down, the chances are that you won’t end up finding a special someone. 

Don’t be afraid to date someone who isn’t your type 

When you are 30, it’s likely that you have already met a lot of people who match your “type.” However, have you ever considered dating someone who doesn’t match your type and will likely get you out of your comfort zone? It’s often a pleasant surprise when you enjoy a date with a person who doesn’t match your perfect type. 

Take off the pressure 

When we grow older and wiser, we want to take control of everything. The sense of urgency and the desire to get everything figured out put a lot of pressure on you and your partner. Instead, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. If you are obsessed with the idea of finding a partner who will marry you and you will have kids in a year or two, you will hardly manage to relax on your dates and the partner will feel the same tension. 

Take off the pressure

As soon as the pressure controls your actions, you will hardly meet the right partner. Instead, meet different people, communicate with them, and wait for the right opportunity to meet your special someone. 

Have fun 

If you are not married when you are 30, it’s easy to get caught thinking about the things you haven’t done yet. Instead, try to have fun meeting new people. Is there any reason to date a person if you do not have fun with that person? 

Take off the pressure woman and man

Don’t stick to dating rules

There are so many rules that you have probably heard about. It includes waiting for three days to make a call, wait for your partner to make the first move, not to kiss on the first date, etc. Don’t mind it all if you feel attracted to a person. Every situation differs. The rules that work for one couple may not fit yours. The best practice is to listen to your heart and follow your intuition. 

Listen to your intuition

When you are dating in your 30, it’s essential to be guided by your intuition. When we are younger (in our 20s), we cannot understand our feelings as vividly as when we grow older. You might have tried to go on a date with a person who you realized wasn’t a perfect match for you. Nut now, when you know what you want, you can listen to your intuition and stop wasting time on people who bring you down. 

Trust your gut

If your gut tells you something about someone, trust it, and rely on your intuition. If someone from your surroundings tells you that you are making a mistake, it’s probably they who are not right. No one can get inside your brain.


Improve your social skills

It’s essential for humans to interact with others, meet, and have in-person conversations. We are social creatures, and we should work on our social skills. The growing demand for technologies has changed the way we communicate. We prefer to chat online than to meet with a friend in a cafe. That’s why we should focus on developing and improving our social skills and body language. It can help to be better understood by the person whom we talk with. It can also help us boost our confidence and thus become more attractive to a partner. 

Meet with people offline 

It’s OK to follow people on social media and comment on their activities. However, it’s twice more important to meet with people offline. If your goal isn’t to meet a partner from another country, you always have a chance to find your special someone in your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, cinema, etc. 

There are many places where you can find a match. There is no magical place where couples meet. The best tip would be to go out and do the things you like. The beauty is that your love match enjoys the same things that you like. 

Make sure to check other tips from our blog. And what about you? What other tips and recommendations for dating in your 30s would you add to the list? Please speak up in the comments block below.

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