Is cheating the end of a relationship? What the professionals say?

Cheating ruins relationships, and for most people, it becomes an impossible task to forgive a betrayal by a person you love. Today we want to share with you some tips and tricks from the psychiatrist Robert Weiss which is also known as a specialist, that have been treating sexual and mental issues for 25 years. […]

Jealousy in Relationships. Good or Bad?

Some say jealousy is a sign of love, while others believe jealousy is a byproduct of mistrust and is not a part of healthy relationships. You can find lots of stories, truthful and fake, on how jealousy is harmful to people. Jealousy makes partners do foolish things that eventually ruin relationships. However, jealousy is a […]

Having Multiple Relationships: Good or Bad?

Today, we will try to figure out if having multiple relationships is good or bad and how to escape that trap.  There are various reasons why people create love triangles. It can be a conscious decision or a heartfelt impulse, but the one common thing about all love triangles as they won’t last forever. Eventually, […]

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