5 Dating Bases. How to Determine the Stage of Your Relationship?

5 Dating Bases. How to Determine the Stage of Your Relationship?

It is generally agreed to determine stages of relationship development as bases. That implies a similarity of dating with baseball, which makes sense as both require time and effort to go through bases. 

We will talk to you through adult dating bases that will help you to understand where you are in your relationships now. Some people are afraid of difficulties and give up once miscommunication with a partner takes place. However, tough times can mean you are at the threshold of a new base in your relationships. 

There is a stage in every relationship when it is starting to feel less passionate and exciting. That is when most couples split up. However, if you put yourself together and try to listen to your real feelings, there is a chance for you to discover all the 5 dating bases. 

Dating Bases

According to New York Times falling in love is a rather easy part of a relationship. There are quite difficult stages ahead. Let’s talk about dating bases you will need to go through.

1. The crush

This is the phase when you get knocked off your feet by the hormones. It makes you feel butterflies in the stomach.

Dating Bases - crush

This feeling becomes intense when you imagine your new lover as the love of your life with no particular reason for that. That is the moment when chasing the rainbow, as maybe you are putting a great deal of faith in someone who is not ready for that. Hormones do not allow you to think clearly and make informed decisions. However, it does not mean you can not enjoy this base as the crush is one of the most exciting dating phases. 

2. The union

That is the base when you both have deep feelings for each other. That is when you start planning your future, define mutual goals, and stick together as a couple.

Dating base - union

During that phase, when the ability to build your life together and share everyday stuff with the person you love makes you feel happy and enthusiastic. It is not about the affection of hormones anymore but profound attachment.

Even though the passion level gets lower to this point, your sex turns into a thoughtful activity when you discover new ways to satisfy your partner and enjoy each other. Every day you both feel safe and can not wait to get home and spend a lovely cozy evening together. Still, some adventurous people feel bored without an adrenaline boost. For such people, the union base becomes a reason for breaking up. But that could be a huge mistake. 

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3. The disappointment

Any relationship takes hard work, but that is not for everyone. Some people simply want to have fun and are not ready to spend their free time trying to adjust themselves to fit someone’s lifestyle.


Well, if you are not the compromiser that this base can become the last one for your relationships. The main indicator of this stage is constant irritation as you stop looking at your partner through rose-colored glasses.

Most people mistakenly believe that is the end of their relationships and prefer to escape an unhappy place. However, even seemingly perfect relationships occur with some ups and downs.

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We can say the disappointment stage is a kind of virus for healthy relationships. If your immunity system aka feelings towards each other deep enough, that can help you to become stronger together. 

4. The acceptance

That is the time when you and your partner become supportive and attentive to each other.

The acceptance

The trust level is at max, which means you both can be real, share your fears and thoughts on the most controversial topics. This base helps you to create a strong connection with your partner and fix psychological problems that come from your childhood. Your partner can become your psychologist, and that is okay. Let him/her help you to become a happy person. 

5. True love 

Not every couple reaches that stage as an overwhelming majority of couples weren’t able to overcome the crisis of the third base.

dating bases True love

That is the time when you try to do everything together, find mutual hobbies, get married, and build a family together. That is the last dating base, which could be termed as a happy end of dating. 

Dating Basics

Now that we know the main dating bases, let’s talk through dating basics. 

dating basics

1) You need to make sure you start relationships for the right reason, which is an attachment or desire to be together. You shouldn’t be with someone just because your friends say it is time to settle down or make your ex jealous. 

2) Be with someone you respect. That is crucial as it is much simpler to make compromises with someone you whose thoughts and feelings matter to you. 

3) Try to be honest with your partner, even when a situation or conversation seems to be controversial. It will help you to build trustworthy relationships you both feel comfortable in. 

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4) Treat each other’s personal space with respect. It is okay to allow your partner to spend time with friends or doing something you are not interested in. We all deserve some time for ourselves to feel personal integrity.

5) Be prepared for changes, both internal and external. Some say people don’t change, but they do. Your partner can change his/her mind about certain things or get burned with the desire to change the appearance completely. In that case, you need to discuss your concerns if any, try to understand and respect your partner’s will. 

6) Remember that fights are inevitable. We are all different, and our opinions on various situations may differ from our partner’s thoughts. What you shouldn’t do is to criticize your partner’s personality, avoid using offensive terms. Try to represent your thoughts as advice rather than a severe rebuke. 

7) You need to learn to forgive your partners and yourself for mistakes you might make during your shared journey. We are only humans after all and it is okay for us to try and fail. The main thing that will help you both to go through tough times is a mutual desire to stay in the relationships and support each other at different stages of life.

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